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Aryza Group launches Aryza Decide for improved credit risk management
Wed, 20th Mar 2024

Aryza Group, a heavyweight in the field of financial software solutions, has unveiled Aryza Decide, a revolutionary, dynamic lending decision engine designed to usher in a new era in credit risk management within the lending industry. This progressive technology will equip financial institutions with the ability to expediently launch innovative products to market while retaining absolute control over their credit risk management protocols.

Aryza provides end-to-end, mission-critical automation software to business customers in regulated industries focused on the lending, credit, debt recovery, and insolvency sectors. Aryza's solutions automate a wide range of back and middle office activities, including customer data collection, administration, and payment processing, covering every stage of the debt cycle. Its scalable technology platform can meet high volume and high complexity needs and helps customers significantly increase efficiency while ensuring compliance with local legislation.

Aryza Decide is a standalone system intricately designed to overhaul and modernise lending operations, thus allowing organisations to manage the credit risk journey effectively and independently. Harnessing cloud-based decision technology, Aryza Decide can automate lending decisions, simplifying lending operations with unprecedented ease of use. This paves the way for customers to retain complete control over their lending decisions, boosting operational efficiency and minimising dependence on third-party providers.

The defining elements of Aryza Decide include the effortless creation and management of comprehensive rule sets, the use of bespoke scorecards for handling risk rates across an array of products, and the reduction in costs through the automation of manual tasks and optimal resource use. The platform provides a user-friendly interface enabling organisations to handle internal decision-making rules.

The expertly tailored scorecards assist in managing risk rates that span multiple products by utilising pre-set rules to perfect decision-making processes. This invigorates an unrivalled level of precision and flexibility in lending operations.

Aryza Decide also provides the capacity to connect with various data sources, including seamless integration from credit reference agencies, open banking providers, and ID&V and AML checks. This functionality enhances decision-making abilities, risk mitigation, and scorecard management and expedites underwriting processes.

Additionally, Aryza Decide ensures cost reduction through the automation of manual tasks, the lowering of acquisition costs and the strategic allocation of resources. The platform's intuitive interface promises a simple configuration, allowing organisations total control of their lending journey.

Paul O'Sullivan, Head of Banking and Lending at Aryza, hails this development as a significant milestone, stating, "Aryza Decide marks a significant milestone in our commitment to empowering lenders with innovative solutions. We are thrilled to offer a platform that not only streamlines lending operations but also empowers organisations to take charge of their credit risk management processes and lending decisions with confidence."

The company's new platform is a testament to Aryza Group's continued commitment to facilitating lenders with state-of-the-art solutions that streamline operations and provide them with the autonomy to manage their credit risk protocols and lending decisions efficaciously and confidently.