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Cloud ERP platform Wiise launches in NZ, giving business a next step solution
Thu, 5th Oct 2023

Wiise, the rapidly growing cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform for small and mid-sized businesses, has officially launched its services in New Zealand as part of its international expansion plans. This strategic move is in response to the increased demand for ERP software, specifically from the financial services, manufacturing, and warehousing sectors.

Operating on Microsoft's cloud platform, Wiise has created a solution tailored specifically for New Zealand businesses, complete with a fully automated payroll solution that aligns seamlessly with the country's Inland Revenue - Te Tari Taake department. The service also provides automated bank feeds compatible with major New Zealand banks.

Wiise serves as a bridge between the accounting software of small and mid-sized companies and enterprise-grade ERP technology, integrating accounting, operations, inventory, manufacturing, enhanced business reporting, intelligence, and CRM into a single system. This synergy provides instantaneous insights, smooth workflows, and expanded detailed management of complex operations.

According to Charlie Wood, CEO of Wiise, adopting this integrated platform will be advantageous for New Zealand companies eager to bolster their growth plans. Wood explains, "As businesses grow, they inevitably get more complex - more staff, SKUs, product lines, and expenses. Basic systems lack the level of detail and connectivity to scale, leading to businesses spending more time on manual tasks and making guesswork about their performances."

"Wiise propels businesses forward, allowing them to concentrate on growth by uniting their operations into a system that manages their complex needs instantaneously. The result is smarter and faster decision making, improved productivity, and scaling from small to large enterprises without the constraints of inflexible software or manual processes. We’re thrilled about expanding to New Zealand and cannot wait to demonstrate the substantial impact Wiise can have on their businesses."

Tony Evans, Partner - Technology Consulting, KPMG New Zealand, said, "Wiise is set to disrupt the local market, offering a bespoke ERP platform for New Zealand businesses ready for the next stage of growth. Only a small percentage of our SMB clients use ERP systems - a crucial tool for making informed business decisions around growth and investment. Wiise is designed exactly for this purpose and is poised to play a vital role.

Vanessa Sorenson, Managing Director, Microsoft New Zealand, believes that Wiise will play a pivotal role for many businesses in New Zealand. According to Sorenson, "Wiise and Microsoft's collaboration dates back to 2017. Hosting on the Microsoft cloud offers New Zealand businesses optimum security and speed. It's essential for businesses to continue to invest in technologies to avoid issues with productivity, efficiency, and compliance."

Wiise also provides several native integrations, enabling New Zealand businesses to integrate seamlessly into their preferred tools, such as Microsoft 365, OneDrive, Teams, eCommerce, POS, and bank feeds.