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Cornerstone acquires Talespin's XR capabilities to redefine workspace learning
Thu, 21st Mar 2024

Cornerstone OnDemand Inc., a prominent name in learning and talent experience solutions, has today strengthened its position by acquiring the extended reality capabilities of Talespin, a company concentrating on workforce skills development through spatial learning. The purchase confirms Cornerstone's commitment as an end-to-end learning content solution and their intention to shape the future of work.

Spatial learning utilises extended reality (XR), a combination of virtual, augmented, and mixed reality, to recreate situational scenarios. Such tailored learning significantly enhances practical understanding for successful task execution. Medical personnel, for instance, can expedite their induction routine, manufacturing staff can enhance or refocus their expertise without hampering production, and customer service staff can improve their communication skills through simulated exchanges.

Cornerstone's acquisition of the XR learning experts from Talespin helps learners navigate virtual settings that mirror real-life situations. Further, the move equips them with substantiated skills that they can put into immediate use in their workplace.

As Cornerstone's CEO, Himanshu Palsule, explained: "As a leader in learning and talent experience for over two decades, we embarked on a journey of redefining the future of work. We've evolved to provide engaging, personalised tools centred around growth for employees to pave their own path. Talespin is another important step in our vision to provide a holistic, integrated continuum of learning solutions with the right content at the right time – and now – with the right modality."

Talespin's immersive learning content is readily available within Cornerstone's Content Subscriptions and can be effortlessly incorporated into its existing learning solutions. Cornerstone customers now have the advantage of utilising the Talespin platform to devise and deploy sector-specific immersive training. Such training can be customised or even self-created by using Talespin's AI-powered, no-code XR content authoring tool, CoPilot Designer.

Kyle Jackson, Co-founder and CEO of Talespin, remarked on the merger: "Talespin's innovative XR experiences, team, and AI capabilities will further reinforce Cornerstone's industry-leading learning and talent development solutions to bring even more value to customers. With Cornerstone, we are uniting under the shared ethos of 'Better Together' and are excited about the boundless possibilities for what the future of work can hold."

The immersive learning market, currently valued at $4 billion, is projected to grow by 31% CAGR over the coming five years. Josh Bersin, Global Industry Analyst, supports this sentiment, commenting: "This amazing new technology, which has been proven to almost triple learning impact, is now breaking out. I'm excited to see Cornerstone take a lead and provide an end-to-end solution in this market."

Cornerstone's strategic acquisition of Talespin's capabilities heralds a pioneering shift in employee development and training, offering cutting-edge, personalised content for a broad spectrum of industries, resulting in increased efficiency and skill enhancement.