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Exclusive: How Kyndryl is guiding digital transformation in ANZ
Fri, 9th Feb 2024

In an era where technology is not just an enabler but a pivotal factor in driving business agility and sustainability, Kyndryl ANZ's Cloud Practice is at the forefront, steering enterprises through the digital transformation journey. Michael Vincetic, the Cloud Practice Lead at Kyndryl ANZ, shed light on how the company is shaping the future of cloud technology and its impact on businesses and society.

Kyndryl, as described by Vincetic, is more than a technology company. It advises, designs, builds, and manages mission-critical infrastructure that plays a crucial role in the economic and social landscapes of major enterprises globally. "We empower our customers on a digitally transformed, innovative scale," Vincetic stated, emphasizing the company's commitment to enabling operations sustainably.

The Kyndryl difference

Delving into the specifics of cloud solutions, Vincetic highlighted Kyndryl's comprehensive approach, spanning from advising to managing, with a unique blend of traditional IT and modern operations. This approach is further strengthened by partnerships with hyperscalers like Amazon and Google, bringing the best of services and technology to the clients. Kyndryl's distinctive product, Kyndryl Bridge, exemplifies its innovation, providing a common observability platform that leverages data-driven insights for enhanced service quality.

The integration of AI into Kyndryl's offerings, particularly through AI Ops within Kyndryl Bridge, marks a significant leap towards predictive and preemptive solutions. This technology not only automates and optimizes cloud operations but also enables a technology-led, people-assisted paradigm shift. "We've codified decades of experience into a strong corpus of automation content," Vincetic explained, underscoring the role of AI in transforming IT management.

As businesses navigate the complexities of cloud technology, Vincetic believes that AI will simplify consumption, guiding enterprises towards hybrid multi-cloud environments. This shift promises to elevate the technology experience, allowing businesses to derive more value from their investments. However, the evolving landscape also presents challenges, particularly in cloud security. Vincetic pointed out the dual nature of AI, where it can be used by both defenders and attackers, stressing the importance of sophisticated defence mechanisms and enterprise-grade security capabilities.

Kyndryl's market position is bolstered by a keen understanding of customer needs and trends, with Vincetic noting the company's unique capability to address both legacy system migrations and cloud optimization. This dual expertise positions Kyndryl as a key player in a market at an inflection point, ready to guide businesses through the complexities of digital transformation.

Changing approaches with cloud adoption

Reflecting on the post-pandemic era, Vincetic observed a significant shift towards normalized cloud adoption, driven by the agility and scalability that cloud technologies offered during challenging times. This shift, however, brings to light the need for a more integrated and optimized approach to IT management, where Kyndryl's solutions, particularly Kyndryl Bridge, play a critical role.

Addressing the challenges of upscaling AI and machine learning techniques, Vincetic emphasized the importance of guidance and simplification. Kyndryl assists organizations in assessing their readiness for AI adoption, focusing on high-value use cases and embedding AI capabilities into their services.

In collaboration with major hyperscale providers, Kyndryl is forging pathways to innovation, demonstrating a commitment to leveraging complex legacy knowledge and cutting-edge technology for client benefits. This collaborative spirit extends to addressing emerging needs such as sustainability, where Kyndryl's solutions offer insights into CO2 emissions and other environmental impacts.

Vincetic's passion is palpable when he talks about Kyndryl's trajectory in the IT industry, especially regarding AI's potential to drive significant value across IT estates. "I've never been more excited about our capability and the possibilities than I am now," he shared, highlighting the optimistic outlook for Kyndryl's role in enabling digital transformation, innovation at scale, and sustainable operations.

As the landscape of cloud technology continues to evolve, Kyndryl ANZ, under Michael Vincetic's guidance, is poised to lead enterprises towards a future where technology not only supports but transforms business models for a sustainable, digitally integrated world.