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Expert-Fit: A paradigm shift in engaging consultants unveiled
Tue, 24th Oct 2023

In a bid to address the perennial barriers to business growth, Expert-Fit, a consultancy co-founded by Nicola Mansfield and Luke James, has officially launched. The venture springs from a mission to redefine the engagement of consultants and executive recruitment, responding to the necessity for the right advice and the right personnel in accelerating business growth.

Expert-Fit embarks on a trailblazing journey with its unique model dubbed ‘Executive as a Service’. This model aspires to offer businesses the opportunity to engage with executives on a need-basis rather than committing to full-time hires. This not only significantly reduces costs but also ensures that businesses acquire precisely the expertise required precisely when it's needed.

At the heart of Expert-Fit's offering is a comprehensive network spanning all sectors and five executive domains: Executive Management, Customer, Strategy and growth, Technology & AI, Finance and commercial, and People and culture. Among the highlighted experts is Tim Warren, renowned for his contributions to AI chat pioneer Ambit AI.

Expert-Fit caters to a broad spectrum of businesses—whether pre-revenue, start-up, scaling up, or well-established entities—all in search of best-in-class advice. It's also a fertile ground for experts seeking a steady pipeline of clients to collaborate with. Early Stage Experts like Klaus Duetoft, Tim Warren, Lance Eerhard, Annie Dean, and Kate Muslayah are among the pioneers joining forces with Mansfield and James to propel businesses to new growth horizons.

A distinctive feature of Expert-Fit is its cutting-edge AI tool designed to meticulously match businesses with the right experts. This is achieved by ranking business challenges and convening a panel of experts from multiple disciplines to workshop the challenges from every conceivable angle, ensuring a holistic solution.

Furthermore, Expert-Fit’s fit-for-purpose matching tool takes into account a range of criteria, including expertise, experience, cultural fit, and maturity, to find the right available executives. This approach fundamentally shortens the timeline to derive value from a C-Suite executive, which traditionally could take up to 18 months, encompassing a cycle of recruitment, notice period, integration, and time to effectiveness.

Through its innovative model, Expert-Fit not only promises to deliver the right advice and the right personnel swiftly but also envisions a transformative impact on the consultancy and recruitment landscape. With its launch, businesses now have a promising avenue to expedite value derivation, thereby fostering a conducive environment for sustained growth and competitiveness in the modern business ecosystem.

By tapping into fractional expertise when needed and ensuring a faster route to value, The journey from MVP to launch reflects the meticulous preparation and the earnest ambition driving Expert-Fit towards contributing a significant chapter in the modern business narrative.