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Google Cloud & Accenture to launch generative AI centre with Gemini model
Thu, 14th Dec 2023

Google Cloud recently announced the launch of Gemini, its most sophisticated AI model to date. As part of the launch, Google has shared expansive plans for the model's ongoing development, including an immediate trial period in Bard.

This multimodal AI technology will also be made available to developers and organisations, with its progressive capabilities offering opportunities to build and deploy applications.

In a collaborative venture, Accenture and Google Cloud have set up a joint Generative AI Centre of Excellence (CoE), opening the way for businesses to harness the considerable value of Generative AI.

The CoE will offer industry expertise, technical knowledge, and product resources, enabling organisations to build and scale applications using Google Cloud’s generative AI portfolio and speed up time-to-value.

The CoE will guide enterprises in identifying the best large language model for achieving their business objectives. This includes Google’s latest model, Gemini, known for its superior performance, efficiency, and groundbreaking capabilities. The Gemini Pro API is presently in a public preview, with the advanced Gemini Ultra to be launched early next year.

Under this initiative, Accenture's AI Navigator platform will be accessible to clients, offering advanced prompt engineering strategies for AI model optimisation, fine-tuning, and foundation model customisation. Specialised access to Accenture data and AI architects will provide the unique resources clients need to meet their business objectives faster with generative AI.

Google Cloud's offering of more than 130 large language models (LLMs) via its Vertex AI Model Garden will be available, including the sophisticated reasoning capabilities of Gemini. Developers will be able to easily train, test, and tune models using the comprehensive suite of AI and machine learning development tooling that Vertex AI offers.

New rapid prototyping services on Google Cloud will expedite the development and deployment of generative AI applications. These services aim to jumpstart new business capabilities across enterprise operations and a range of industries.

In particular, there will be strong emphasis on improving enterprise search, enhancing customer contact centre experiences, and automating document management and summarisation.

In partnership with Accenture and Google Cloud, Independence Blue Cross (IBC), a health insurance provider, foresees significant business value in generative AI. Michael R. Vennera, Executive Vice President of IBC, supports the new Centre of Excellence and is keen to explore the potential of generative AI in proactive health management.

Overall, according to the company, the successful collaboration between Accenture and Google Cloud in launching the Generative AI CoE stands to revolutionise the way businesses operate by harnessing the power of AI technology. This latest development heralds a new era of scaled implementation of generative AI technology, providing businesses faster results and long-term value from their AI applications.