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insytz fintech debuts, aiming to democratise international investment insight
Mon, 1st Apr 2024

The investment fintech insytz has officially made its debut, announcing an intention to democratise investment insights and master international markets. The insytz platform, based on an algorithm with visual dashboards, allows market professionals and individual investors to identify market trends, observe patterns and gain extensive, actionable insights into the dynamics driving market changes, the company states. The firm was established by a team of professionals specialising in investment, corporate finance, management operations, and mergers and acquisitions.

"We believe in developing analytical tools to help investors comprehend the intricacies of the global markets to make more well-informed investment choices," commented Jay Samuels, co-founder of insytz. The primary objective, according to Samuels, is to offer comprehensive education to investors of all skill levels. "By presenting complex market data in an intuitive, visual, consistent, and color-coded manner, insytz empowers investors of all experience levels, ensuring they can more confidently construct their portfolios and investment strategies with clarity, context, and awareness," he commented on the functions of the platform.

According to the insytz team, the company aims to redefine the investment landscape, through its algorithm-driven platform. It offers investors colour-coded, intuitive dashboards which lucidly reflect market movements, patterns, and potential opportunities. The platform plays a crucial role in guiding investors, making them aware of how markets have historically transitioned through different regimes. The informative historical structure advises when to adopt a bullish stance on equity markets and the right timing to shift to treasury bills or cash.

More than merely a platform, insytz provides a detailed, nuanced outlook enabling users to swiftly and confidently decipher potential investment opportunities, which proves especially valuable during periods of heightened market volatility. For seasoned investors and institutional money managers, the insytz platform offers analytics, data, and a rewind feature that works in tandem with their existing tools, thereby verifying their investment strategies.

To demonstrate the value of the insytz algorithm's back-testing, the company states that if an investor had invested $1,000 in the S&P 500 in 1943 and held the investment till the present day, it would have grown to approximately $500,000. Comparatively, investing the same amount in 1943 and following the insytz proprietary algorithm rules, the investment would be worth nearly $200,000,000 today.

Insytz's launch signifies a major move to redefine investment accessibility via its proprietary algorithm-driven platform. It aims to democratize market insights, empowering investors of all levels. With its intuitive, color-coded dashboards, both experienced investors and novices gain deep insights into the market dynamics, allowing them to decipher potential investments confidently, despite market volatility. The insytz platform caters to individual investors and institutional money managers, with features that work in harmony with existing tools and strategies.