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Micro Focus launches SaaS version of Content Manager

14 May 2020

Micro Focus has announced the release of Content Manager Select, the subscription-based version of Micro Focus Content Manager, an enterprise content management solution.

In this new subscription model, Content Manager Select gives governments and organisations the opportunity to deploy the products’ functionalities, across the entire user base at an operational cost, along with free unlimited Inquiry User (read-only) access. 

Offered in either a one- or three-year term licence, Content Manager Select provides a complete, very rich user experience for desktop, extended, and mobile workers with all of the features and functionality of the full Content Manager suite coming as standard with the subscription model.

Content Manager offers the flexibility, usability, and scalability needed to manage information from creation to disposal, helping governments and organisations meet data privacy guidelines and achieve their information governance objectives.

Content Manager Select includes the full capability to manage data connected to mission-critical business processes. 

With this new subscription-based solution, customers can access previously separately priced modules; such as Advanced Disposition and Auto-Classification, so that they can manage data deletion processes associated with privacy management as well as integration to enhance the compliancy and validation of SharePoint and Office365.

“Governments and enterprises across Australia and New Zealand, and the world, are heavily investing in cloud services and subscription software. In response to this market demand, Micro Focus has introduced Content Manager Select,” says Micro Focus information management sales regional director Brandon Voight.

“When it comes to making the choice to move from perpetual to subscription licensing, governments and organisations with traditional, complex IT infrastructure now have the opportunity to overhaul their perpetual licences. They can find a subscription contract that actually meets their needs, and realign the software with how it is being used and who is using it.”

Features include:

  • Unlimited Inquiry (read-only) users – Included in the new core licence, and at no charge, inquiry or read-only users will be unlimited. Inquiry users can login and perform unlimited searches for content.
  • Free access to modules – Now included in every paid user licence are five of the Content Manager modules, including Auto-Classification, Advanced Disposition Processing, Rendering, Warehousing & optical character recognition (OCR), which are critical in supporting data privacy initiatives.
  • Simplified licence metrics – Content Manager Select features three user types versus the perpetual five user types, which means far greater latitude in setting permissions for the majority of users.
  • Cloud-ready – The subscription model provides an easy pathway for customers to later transition to a hosted or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution from Micro Focus partners.
  • Realignment – The subscription offers customers the opportunity to realign their historic licensing with how (and who) is using Content Manager now.
  • Choice – Customers have the opportunity to choose between CAPEX and OPEX in how they buy Content Manager licences.
  • Access to new SaaS solutions – Integration with Micro Focus File Analysis Suite for cloud-based file analysis and data discovery.
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