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Oracle introduces 'Celebrate' for personalised employee recognition
Wed, 20th Sep 2023

Oracle has introduced new employee recognition and rewards features to the Oracle ME, its foundational experience platform within the Oracle Fusion Cloud Human Capital Management (HCM). Known as Oracle Celebrate, this innovative recognition and rewards solution is designed to improve employee engagement, performance, and retention by supplying employers with the requisite insights and capabilities to better personalise the user experience for their workers.

Yvette Cameron, Senior Vice President for Product Strategy at Oracle Cloud HCM, has remarked "Employees are the cornerstone of any successful company, and leaders need to ensure that their teams feel recognised and appreciated, or they run the risk of losing talent and productivity. With Oracle Celebrate, businesses can now harness a cohesive, comprehensive employee experience platform that aligns recognition with company values to foster a culture of appreciation and acknowledgment. It also encourages impactful peer-to-peer interactions while empowering HR and business leaders to prioritise employee appreciation, increase engagement, and inspire their workforce."

Oracle Celebrate is inherently built into Oracle ME, allowing HR and business leaders to shape recognition programmes according to their organisation's ideals. It also naturally integrates peer-to-peer recognition in daily operations and enables cross-connection of data across the employee experience platform to fully comprehend what works and what doesn't within their teams.

The enhanced platform includes a host of features such as peer-to-peer recognition, a generative AI assistant, nomination and event-based awards, redeemable points, a recognition insights dashboard, real-time recognition and engagement data, and a recognition-based social feed.

Zachary Chertok, Research Manager for Employee Experience at IDC, stated that "The applications and value of recognition are expanding and evolving as companies rethink how they connect into and uplift employee success. Building an ecosystem for recognition helps source the roots of achievement, moving the needle on best practices as success occurs, stimulating cultural acceptance around process innovation, and cultivating belonging through community acknowledgment and appreciation."

Many organisations have struggled to establish a simple system to ensure their employees receive the recognition they deserve. Ushaan Abeywickrema, Director of Human Resources at MAS Capital, echoed this sentiment, stating, "This has been a major gap in the HR software market, especially as we know a strong sense of value and accomplishment is crucial to driving employee engagement and workforce efficiency. We are excited about Oracle Celebrate and its potential to introduce ground-breaking capabilities that radically alter how we personalise the employee journey."

Oracle Cloud HCM, natively developed for the cloud, is a comprehensive solution linking every HR process from hiring to retirement throughout the enterprise. Its built-in AI acts as an advisor to help analyse workforce data and uncover recommendations to aid HR teams in enhancing business operations.