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Perficient, CAST alliance launches software optimisation products
Tue, 28th Nov 2023

A new partnership between Perficient and CAST has seen the launch of a range of innovative software optimisation products.

Perficient unveiled the new alliance with CAST, a software intelligence market leader, introducing two pioneering products designed to optimise software health, hasten cloud migration, manage open-source risks, and upgrade environmental sustainability. Named App Modernization IQ and Green Impact IQ, these services aim to usher in a strategic approach to application modernisation.

The two firms announced their game-changing partnership on 28th November 2023. The new products, exploiting CAST's software intelligence technology, automate the understanding of custom-built software and provide overarching actionable insights. More immediate value is offered to enterprise customers, enabling rapid application assessment and portfolio transformation planning, they said.

According to the two companies, App Modernization IQ provides businesses with actionable insights to improve software health, fast-track cloud migration, and manage open-source risks. In harmony, Green Impact IQ aids organisations in bolstering their environmental sustainability. It identifies ways to lessen carbon footprint and curb energy usage, often aligning this with cloud migration to address ESG initiatives.

Commenting on the development, Perficient Principal Cloud Strategist, Steve Holstad, stated, "The true value lies in the speed and accuracy these products offer.

"Replacing traditional, time-consuming methods with rapid fact-based insights, CAST Highlight leads the way in software intelligence in the modernisation landscape," he said.

"With its capabilities integrated into our products, we have the capacity to swiftly fathom a customer's application portfolio, layer on their expertise, and provide an actionable roadmap in a much shorter time than competitors."

In addition, according to CAST, their Highlight tool's four key intelligence categories - Software Health, Cloud Maturity, Open-Source Risks, and Green Impact - present businesses with a thorough understanding of their application landscape. This comprehension ensures cloud migration moves beyond just a lift-and-shift operation to a strategic transformation addressing health, security, and sustainability concerns.

Citing the potential of this partnership, Rado Nikolov, CAST Executive Vice President for Software Intelligence Platforms, said, "Perficient's application modernisation framework is uniquely suited to leverage the software intelligence CAST products provide.

"We are delighted to join forces with Perficient to bring our expertise to help digital leaders across industries address modernisation and transformation challenges," he said.

In anticipation of augmenting the impact of the strategic alliance, Perficient and CAST have plans to enrich the partnership by launching more tools and services offerings that absorb CAST Imaging's in-depth analysis software intelligence abilities.