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The Linux Foundation launches open source training program
Wed, 20th Jan 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

The Linux Foundation has launched an Open source Management - Strategy training program.

The new program is designed to introduce open source best practices to management and technical staff within organisations.

It consists of seven modular courses, and can be tailored to suit the needs of different audiences within an organisation.

Predominantly, it is targeted towards executives, managers, software developers and engineers, helping them to understand and articulate the basic concepts for building effective open source practices within their organisation.

According to The Linux Foundation, it is also helpful for a leadership audience responsible for setting up effective program management of open source in their organisation, including explaining how to create an Open source Program Office (OSPO).

The program builds on the accumulated information of many previous training modules on open source best practices, while adding fresh and updated content to explain all of the critical elements of working effectively with open source in enterprises.

The courses are designed to be self-paced, and reasonably high-level, but with enough detail to get new open source practitioners up and running quickly, the company states.

In addition, the courses in the program are designed to be modular, so participants only need to take those of relevance to them.

The courses included are:

  • LFC202 - Open source Introduction: covers the basic components of open source and open standards
  • LFC203 - Open source Business Strategy: discusses the various open source business models and how to develop practical strategies and policies for each
  • LFC204 - Effective Open source Program Management: explains how to build an effective OSPO and the different types of roles and responsibilities needed to run it successfully
  • LFC205 - Open source Development Practices: talks about the role of continuous integration and testing in a healthy open source project
  • LFC206 - Open source Compliance Programs: covers the importance of effective open source license compliance and how to build programs and processes to ensure safe and effective consumption of open source
  • LFC207 - Collaborating Effectively with Open source Projects: discusses how to work effectively with upstream open source projects and how to get the maximum benefit from working with project communities
  • LFC208 - Creating Open source Projects: explains the rationale and value for creating new open source projects as well as the required legal, business and development processes needed to launch new projects

The courses were developed by Guy Martin, cxecutive director of OASIS Open, an internationally recognised standards development and open source projects consortium.

Guy has more than 25 years' experience as both software engineer and open source strategist.

He has built open source programs for companies like Red Hat, Samsung and Autodesk and was a key member in founding the Academy Software Foundation while director of the Open source Office at Autodesk.

He was also a founding member of the team that built the Open Connectivity Foundation while at Samsung, and has contributed to several best practices and learning guides from the Linux Foundation's TODO Group, a resource for OSPO personnel.

The Linux Foundation cofounder of the TODO Group and VP of Developer Relations Chris Aniszczyk says, “Open source is not only commonplace in enterprises today, but actually is impossible to avoid as much modern technology including the cloud and networking systems are based on it.

“This means organisations must prepare their teams to use it properly, ensuring compliance with licensing requirements, how to implement continuous delivery and integration, processes for working with and contributing to the open source community, and related topics.

"This program provides a structured way to do that which benefits everyone from executive management to software developers.

The Open source Management - Strategy program is available to begin immediately.

The $499 enrollment fee provides unlimited access to all seven courses for one year, as well as a certificate upon completion.

The program is also included in all corporate training subscriptions.