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Titan of Tech - Ben Rose of Binance
Fri, 15th Sep 2023

In the dynamic world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, few individuals embody the spirit of innovation and leadership as vividly as Ben Rose, the Regional General Manager of Binance for Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands. With a rich background that spans various industries, Rose has become a pivotal figure in steering Binance's operations in the region, fostering growth and nurturing a culture of excellence.

His journey

Ben Rose's journey to the pinnacle of the crypto industry is as diverse as it is inspiring. After immersing himself in language studies at Oxford, a venture he humorously regards as "not enormously useful," Rose embarked on a career in advertising, initially in the UK and later in New Zealand. His trajectory saw him transition into marketing roles, eventually ascending to executive positions in sales and marketing within the financial services, media, and tech sectors. This eclectic background has equipped him with a multifaceted perspective, a trait that serves him well in his current role.

In 2022, Rose joined Binance as the first employee in New Zealand, a role that tasked him with establishing and expanding the local business. His efforts have been nothing short of remarkable, culminating in his current position as the General Manager overseeing the Australasian region. Operating from New Zealand, Rose leads a vibrant team across different countries, a testament to the global digital footprint of Binance.

Determined excitement

Rose's enthusiasm for his role is palpable. He finds exhilaration in being at the forefront of an industry characterized by rapid growth and innovation. Leading a team of dedicated and passionate individuals, Rose navigates the challenges of a nascent industry with a blend of excitement and determination, fostering adoption and driving growth.

The team Rose manages is a reflection of Binance's global and decentralized approach. Comprising about 50 staff in Australia and 15 in New Zealand, the team operates in a highly agile environment, collaborating with colleagues from various corners of the globe. This dynamic structure allows for a rich exchange of ideas and expertise, fostering innovation and excellence in every project undertaken.

Securing the system

At the heart of Binance's operations in the region is a commitment to fostering a secure and inclusive financial ecosystem. As the world grapples with the introduction of crypto regulations, Binance is actively engaging with governments and regulators to advocate for balanced frameworks that promote innovation while ensuring safety. Rose emphasizes the critical role of regulatory regimes in building user confidence, positioning Australia and New Zealand as leaders in the crypto space.

Rose is particularly excited about the increasing institutional adoption of cryptocurrency. He notes the significant strides being made in the industry, with established financial institutions like Standard Chartered and Blackrock showing keen interest in digital assets. Moreover, Rose highlights the transformative potential of cryptocurrency in disaster relief efforts, offering a fast and transparent means to deliver financial aid to victims of natural disasters.


Under Rose's leadership, Binance is actively supporting the growth of crypto and Web3 technologies in the region. Through initiatives like Binance Labs and Binance Academy, the company is fostering innovation and education in the sector. Rose underscores the importance of supporting local Web3 projects and sharing knowledge with policymakers and regulators to promote a deeper understanding of the industry.

Why Ben is a Titan of Tech

Ben Rose stands as a beacon of leadership and innovation in the crypto industry. With a keen eye on the future, he leads Binance's efforts in the Australasian region with a blend of passion, expertise, and a deep-seated belief in the transformative potential of blockchain technology. His journey, marked by growth and relentless pursuit of excellence, paints a promising picture for the future of cryptocurrency in the region, steering Binance towards new horizons of success and influence.