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Risk news stories

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Dynatrace extends application security capabilities for runtime environments
Dynatrace has announced that it has extended its Application Security Module to detect and protect against vulnerabilities in runtime environments.
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Education institutions hit hard by ransomware - study
The findings reveal that education institutions are increasingly being hit with ransomware, with 60% suffering attacks in 2021 compared to 44% in 2020.
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Small security teams facing greater risks than large orgs
"The survey show how these security experts continue to adapt their protection strategies in response to the ongoing wave of cyber attacks."
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Mergers and Acquisitions
SAS acquires Kamakura to propel risk technology innovation
Underscoring SAS growth in the domain-specific solutions space, the acquisition will enable SAS to greatly enhance the breadth of its risk solutions portfolio. 
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Gartner's top recommendations for security leaders
"Leaders now recognise that major disruption is only one crisis away. We can’t control it, but we can evolve our thinking, philosophy, program and architecture.”
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Ready for anything with the PagerDuty Operations Cloud
In a world of digital everything, teams face increasing complexity. Ever-growing dependencies across systems and processes put customer and employee experience, not to mention revenue, at risk.
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Visibility and control gaps undermining security - report
Organisations are struggling to define and secure an expanding cyber-attack surface, hampering risk management efforts.
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Forescout Technologies launches free threat hunting service
Forescout Technologies has announced the launch of Forescout Frontline, a new threat hunting service utilising a team of trained cybersecurity analysts.
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Identity and Access Management
The post-pandemic workforce requires secure IAM capabilities
HID Global discusses what identity and access management means for organisations in today's convoluted digital world.
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Data backup plans inadequate, data still at risk - study
The Apricorn 2022 Global IT Security Survey revealed that while the majority organisations have data backup plans in place, data for many are at risk.
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Remote Working
Over 3/4 of organisations think they'll be breached in 2022
"As remote working and digital infrastructure threats persist, organisations should adopt a platform-based approach to optimise security."
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Dataminr adds advanced capabilities to risk solution
Dataminr Pulse is designed to deliver the earliest indication of critical risks, and its new workflow capabilities were create help enterprises manage risk.
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Artificial Intelligence
The call is coming from inside the house
Security and privacy breaches are accelerating, and the external forces we have been applying to slow the rate are hardly making an impact.
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Cyber Threats
IriusRisk launches OTM Standard to transform threat modelling
The OTM Standard, released as part of version 4.1 of the IriusRisk product, is an agnostic way of describing a threat model in a simple format.
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Physical Security
Physical security industry leaders embrace new tech - study
The report looks at how the role of physical security continued to evolve in 2021 as organisations adapted to changing conditions.
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Video: 10 Minute IT Jams -The top 5 intangible asset risks
Today, we welcome back EverEdge CEO Paul Adams to talk to us about the top 5 risks to an enterprises most important assets.
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KnowBe4 identifies email and SMS security risks for APAC
"The obvious first issue with this is that if APAC office workers are unable to identify scam emails and SMS messages then they are at significant risk."
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Qualys Context XDR launched to rapidly identify threats
Incident response and threat hunting teams need an accurate picture of their attack surface to maintain an effective security program, Qualys states.
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MITRE and DTEX Systems partner to raise risk awareness and improve cyber defence
Under a non-exclusive licensing agreement, MITRE and DTEX will conduct collaborative research and deliver MITRE Inside-R Protect as a set of data-driven, community-oriented service offerings.
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Business Intelligence / BI
CyberRes launches Galaxy, brings cyber threat intelligence to security execs
CyberRes Galaxy enables cyber professionals to gain visibility into pressing threats to their business and helps organisations secure their value chains so they can focus on driving business growth, the company states.
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Risk and reward: Report reveals what risks businesses should look out for in 2022
A new report by RiskBusiness Services Limited has revealed various challenges and opportunities that businesses could face in 2022 while also exploring new horizons for financial services firms.
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NormCyber delivers cyber and data protection with latest release
“Midsized companies face complex security threats and increasingly onerous compliance requirements but rarely do they have the in-house resources to manage all of this themselves; this is exactly where smartbloc. comes in."
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Australian Government orgs failing to manage cyber risk, report finds
The report shows the risk profile of local government organisations is unlikely to materially improve in 2022, as the threat environment continues to deteriorate.
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An exclusive look at the NZ NCSC cyber crime report
Documenting the activities of New Zealand government agencies for the tax-paying public ensures one consumes a range of essential, if largely indigestible, reading matter.