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Mobility spending highest across APAC, says GlobalData

New research from GlobalData says the Asia Pacific region is estimated to have the highest mobility spending among all regions come 2023.

The analytics firm says mobility services are poised to emerge as a dominant and strategic element for enterprises in the region. According to GlobalDatas Market Opportunity Forecasts Model, enterprise mobility services and applications revenue in APAC is estimated to reach around US$16bn in 2023.

"This will be mainly possible owing to AI-backed agile transformation capabilities for network operators, the ongoing evolution of the content system and the onset of connected devices ecosystem," says Sunil Kumar Verma, lead ICT analyst at GlobalData.

Verma says enterprises will continue to benefit from the enhancements in productivity and efficiency, driven by increased uptake of mobility services. By 2023, managed mobility services and mobile application platform management will together account for the largest share, nearly 62% of overall mobility revenue, in the region.

Driven by the relatively well-developed 5G network infrastructure and a larger portion of mobile workforce, China, Japan and India will be the three largest spending countries, the research says. Together they are forecast to account for slightly more than two-thirds of the overall mobility revenue within the region in 2023.

"The evolution of digital technologies and the ongoing network enhancements will enable enterprises to transform the way they collaborate and communicate.," says Verma.

"This will assist them in active workforce engagements and simultaneous lowering of the operating costs."

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