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New report reveals booming global demand for AI expertise
Wed, 1st Nov 2023

Deel, the HR company with a global footprint, has released a comprehensive AI Jobs Report, revealing a boom in artificial intelligence and engineering roles across multiple sectors. Based on internal platform data from over 15,000 organisations worldwide, the report samples data from the previous year and provides industry insights on the rapidly growing domain of AI expertise.

In a span of a year, artificial intelligence and engineering, including data science roles, saw a 60% increase in hiring and a staggering 59% jump in organisations seeking such skills. Furthermore, Deel recorded over 5,000 active AI, data science, and software engineering contracts, paid by over 2,100 organisations, since September 2023. Indicating the exceptional growth rate of these emerging fields, a company spokesperson stated, "Spurred by recent tech breakthroughs and rapid commercial adoption, AI has dominated headlines in the business world and beyond, around the globe."

The United States was identified in the report as the most dominant in AI hiring, closely followed by Canada, the United Kingdom and to a lesser extent, Germany. Contrarily, Canada led AI worker hires, followed by India, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom. Intriguingly, salaries for these roles varied by region, with Latin America seeing a modest yet steady rise in average salaries over the year, hinting at a beneficial effect of AI growth in the region.

Suggesting a significant geographic spread in AI hiring, the report noted that "No region is immune to the AI hiring craze." It was inferred that the speed of AI adoption resulted in a rate of hiring that broke traditional geographic barriers. This shift toward global recruitment was facilitated by emerging 'Employer of Record' models that allow for the cross-border onboarding of highly skilled talent.

Additional trends highlighted in the report indicate that India is at the forefront of new AI roles, including AI Engineer and AI Training Lead positions. Notably, US companies were reported to be increasingly hiring AI talent from Brazil, Canada, and Argentina, with city hotspots in Toronto, Bangalore, London, Lahore, Berlin, and Buenos Aires showing increases in talent acquisition. The UK and Canada are notably hiring AI talent from the US, while some of the largest increases in new contracts were observed in Germany, the US, and the UK.

Deel's data also noted that AI is having a significant impact on their own operations. Central to this is their Deel IQ tool, which utilises Deel's robust global compliance and hiring database. It has seen a growing uptake, with the tool being queried over 4,500 times per week by 35 clients. The impact of these emerging AI trends on hiring and salaries is palpable, underlining the growing influence and potential of artificial intelligence in reshaping the global jobs market.