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Revenue Grid unveils AI-driven sales efficiency enhancements in Winter '23 release
Wed, 20th Dec 2023

Revenue Grid, the revenue operations and intelligence platform catering to worldwide sales teams, has announced debut enhancements and features set to uplift sales efficiency and streamline collaborative procedures.

Unveiled with Revenue Grid's Winter 23 product release, this range of enhancements promotes the application of AI and premier data-capturing technology, for unlocking revenue opportunities and sifting out actionable insights.

Vlad Voskresensky, Revenue Grid's Co-founder, remarked, "Today's highly competitive business landscape has amplified the necessity for data-driven decision-making."

"Our Winter Release enhancements underscore our pledge to enabling global sales teams to elevate their sales performance to extraordinary new heights. Our continuous commitment to innovation is aimed at empowering organisations to leverage AI and our unmatched data-capturing technology to unlock revenue paths."

One outstanding add-on of this release is the Centralized Signals Control, allowing management of workflow from a single location. Revenue Grid's Generative Signals capacity is unmatched in the sector, featuring distinctive traits that are actionable, generative, customisable, and high-speed.

Geared towards improving workflow efficiency, enhanced customer engagement and boosting productivity, the unified Signals view now comes with the ability to propose tailored content to individual users via instant AI summaries of opportunities, status, subsequent steps, and personalised action points.

In addition to this feature, Revenue Grid's innovated Signals Library is set to unlock best practices and simplify actions for its users. The AI advancements enhance Revenue Grid's Revenue Signals capability, swiftly turning sales data into actionable alerts.

The Signals Library, a collection of dedicated best practices for every sales persona, extends scope for users to explore, unlock valuable automation and configure the Grid. AI-powered Signals range from aid in analysing customer communications to examining deal patterns and flagging timely opportunities.

The Winter Release also adds new streamlined report collaboration features to its offerings, optimising the sales workflow and augmenting team efficiency.

This fostered alignment enables RevOps, affirming efficient sales processes, to integrate and authenticate data in a seamless manner. The teams can now tailor reports aligning with user preferences and individual operating styles.

Finally, Revenue Grid's new release accommodates Salesforce Lightning Out, improving the integration of Salesforce functions into external web applications or pages.

Leveraging this function, Revenue Grid's 'Sidebar', a cloud application providing two-way data synchronisation between a CRM system and an Exchange mailbox, enables direct data input into Salesforce. This input is specifically channelised to align with a company's business procedures, without having to leave Gmail or Outlook.

The Winter Release 2023 from Revenue Grid offers a comprehensive suite of tools that leverages AI in a meaningful way, the company states, reflecting an ongoing commitment to innovation and creating actionable signals from raw sales data.