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Wi-Fi Alliance selects CommScope's RUCKUS Wi-Fi 7 Platform
Mon, 12th Feb 2024

CommScope has announced its RUCKUS Wi-Fi 7 Access Point (AP) has been selected for inclusion in the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 interoperability certification test bed by the Wi-Fi Alliance. This selection is significant as the RUCKUS Wi-Fi 7 AP is the only commercial access point in this test bed, indicating a step forward in Wi-Fi performance globally.

Bart Giordano, Senior Vice President and President of Networking Intelligent Cellular and Security Solutions at CommScope, commented on the contribution to Wi-Fi innovation through this selection. "RUCKUS Networks, CommScope has been active in Wi-Fi innovation. We're extending our relationship with the Wi-Fi Alliance by including our RUCKUS Wi-Fi 7 AP platform as the commercial reference access point in the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 test bed," Giordano said. He noted the certification's role in aiming to provide consumers worldwide with a reliable and secure Wi-Fi experience, particularly for applications that require robust connectivity. "This achievement highlights the reliability of our devices and our role in the interoperability of future Wi-Fi devices globally," Giordano mentioned.

The Wi-Fi Alliance expressed its support for including the RUCKUS Wi-Fi 7 AP in its certification test bed. Kevin Robinson, President and CEO of Wi-Fi Alliance, mentioned the goal of advancing Wi-Fi technology through this collaboration. "We anticipate the adoption of Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 in various settings, including homes, enterprises, and industrial areas, and aim to support interoperability among the Wi-Fi 7 device ecosystem worldwide," Robinson said. "Wi-Fi CERTIFIED devices, such as those from RUCKUS Networks—a longtime member of Wi-Fi Alliance—help deliver a good user experience in the enterprise."

Intel and Qualcomm Technologies also recognized the importance of this development. Eric McLaughlin, Vice President of the Client Computing Group and General Manager of the Wireless Solutions Group at Intel, highlighted the role of Intel-powered devices in meeting the demand for reliable and high-performance enterprise Wi-Fi solutions. Ganesh Swaminathan, Vice President and General Manager of Wireless Infrastructure and Networking at Qualcomm Technologies, acknowledged the inclusion of the RUCKUS Wi-Fi 7 AP platform in the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 program. "Qualcomm Technologies is engaged in the transition to Wi-Fi 7, and we see this program as a support for interoperability, aiming for consistent implementation of features and the adoption of Wi-Fi 7 technology," Swaminathan said.

The RUCKUS Wi-Fi 7 AP platform includes RF technologies like RUCKUS BeamFlex+, smart directional antennas, and AI optimization with RUCKUS AI, representing an improvement in Wi-Fi device performance. These technologies are designed to provide speeds, low latency, and capacity, aiming to enhance user experiences. The role of the RUCKUS Wi-Fi 7 AP in the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 test bed is intended to ensure that customers globally can achieve interoperability with Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 7 client devices.

With the introduction of CommScope's RUCKUS Wi-Fi 7 AP, a standard for wireless networking is being set, aiming to influence connectivity across different sectors. This development is presented as part of CommScope's involvement in Wi-Fi innovation and the broader movement towards the adoption and implementation of Wi-Fi 7 technology globally. 

CommScope's RUCKUS Wi-Fi 7 AP is available now.